• Sediul UTCAR Hunedoara

    Sediul UTCAR Hunedoara

  • Sediul CAR Unirea Deva IFN

    Sediul CAR Unirea Deva IFN

  • UTCAR Hunedoara -Petrila

    Sediul CAR Petrila IFN 

  • Sediul CAR Europa Hunedoara IFN

    CAR Europa Hunedoara IFN

  • Sediul CAR Unirea Hunedoara IFN

    CAR Unirea Hunedoara IFN

  • Sediu nou CAR Retezatul IFN

    Sediu nou CAR Paringul IFN

  • Dunga
Inchide   X

  • Representatives of  UTCAR Hunedoara attended  the 11-th annual Conference of the European Microfinance Network, between 19-22 June 2014, in Lisbon. UTCAR Hunedoara is member or EMN since 2011.